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Libby & AnnaLibby

I’m a Montana gal who came to Portland in 2006, seeking more excitement than my wonderful small town could provide. Many years in the veterinary field have taught me much about the emotional and intuitive bond we share with animals, as well as the rewards and challenges of facilitating animal healthcare. I appreciate that integrative medicine provides more space to express ourselves as individuals and to create deeper connections with patients and clients.

I have had animal companions in my life since the age of 2; a very interesting variety of cats, dogs, fish, lizards, a rabbit, a guinea pig, and a hamster. My current rescue cat is a young, goofy, and handsome siamese mix, who’s slowly figuring out how to fit in and let go of his stray-kitty past.

I am a community gardener; musician, and artist of many mediums; I love teaching myself new things and sharing life with my fiance Matt, and I connect with the beautiful natural world as often as I can, no matter the weather.

AmberAmber, CVT

I was born in Portland Oregon and brought home to a baby crib that I shared with the family cats. I played an active guardian role for my pets and any wildlife that came by. I even faked illness in junior high so I could go home and help a stray cat I had observed from the bus stop. She slept on my pillow from that day forward! Veterinary medicine has always been my calling and a straightforward path. I receive great joy and satisfaction working with both humans and their furry companions. I received my degree in veterinary technology in 1990 and became licensed that same year. I am Recover certified in both basic and advanced CPR. My interests and strengths are surgical anesthesia and dentistry with over 30 years experience in both.

I am a fan of Star Trek, Sci Fi, Seattle Seahawks and the Tour de France. I share my home with my wife and two very busy classic tabby cats named Brody and Scout. They make me laugh every day. I enjoy activities such as video games (I have an Atari and x-box), puzzles, reading, music and applying additions to the catio. When not at home I can be found cycling, skiing, golfing, surfing, hiking or playing pinball.


MeganMegan, CVT

I was born and raised in Portland. My grandma was a cat lover and she was always making it a point to ensure I was too. Years ago, I had a paraplegic cat, “Scoots”, that required intensive care, which is what drove me to become a veterinary technician. I graduated from the PCC Vet Tech Program in 2007. I was always interested in integrative medicine, and took my pets to Hawthorne Vet as a young student.

I spend my free time with my husband, daughter and son. We spend our time together cooking, playing Monopoly and Jenga, and exploring the trails of Oregon. We love to eat at home, my daughter is great at finding new recipes for the family.  I enjoy time in my garden, riding my bike, and reading a good book on the couch. I now have two middle-aged cats, Athena and Tortuga, that are always causing trouble and making sure I don’t get to sleep in, but they are good at cuddling while watching t.v.



BrandyBrandy, CVT

I was born in Alaska, raised in Kansas, escaped to L.A. for awhile, then finally landed in Portland and joined the team at Two Rivers Veterinary Clinic in 2010. I love Oregon and all its mossy green.

It was through my cat, Parker that I was introduced to the veterinary field in 1999. I watched the staff at her veterinary clinic and thought it would be so cool to work with animals. Plus, they had a big, black office cat! I got a job at Studio City Animal Hospital the next year, and completed the Registered Veterinary Technician program at Los Angeles Pierce Community College by 2004. I have loved caring for animals so much all these years that I decided to try caring for their people too. I graduated from nursing school in 2018 and although I may not be here every week, I still plan to continue picking up shifts to visit all my favorite pets and people.


I grew up on the Oregon coast, bringing home a wide variety of stray creatures (I don’t recommend bringing an injured seagull into your bedroom!) I moved to Portland to attend college, with plans of becoming a teacher. One of my early jobs was working at a veterinary clinic as a receptionist. I quickly grew to love the veterinary field- the medicine, supporting the relationships of people and their pets, and being part of the profession that makes caring for that relationship such a big part of their life. By the time I completed my college degree, I’d changed courses and was manager of a veterinary clinic (where I had the pleasure of working with a young veterinarian named Dr. Nancy Curran). Permanently derailed from teaching, I went on to complete the Veterinary Management Institute at Purdue University in 2005. In 2014, I had the opportunity to join the amazing group of people at Two Rivers and work with Dr. Curran once again. My years at Two Rivers have given me a tremendous appreciation for this team- they have allowed me to be a better manager, better communicator, and better human- I’m proud to work with each and every one of them.



I grew up in the Midwest, moved to the West Coast, then out to the East Coast, then back to the Midwest, then to the Pacific Northwest for 8 years, then once again to the East Coast and finally landed back in the PNW. Phew! Hopefully I’m done moving for bit. The majority of these moves included 2 dogs, 3 cats and my lovely partner. The final 2 moves included 2 dogs, 2 cats, lovely partner and a baby. I love a challenge!

I have a career path as varied as my moving record. I have trained assistance dogs, managed a kennel, and worked in a variety of capacities at a handful of veterinary clinics over the past 20 years. Somewhere in all that, I obtained a master’s degree in counseling psychology, worked at a very cool college in Vermont and have had the absolute pleasure of being a stay-at-home parent.

I can honestly say that of all the places I have lived, the PNW is truly my home and of all the places I have worked, Two Rivers Veterinary Clinic is comprised of some of the finest humans I have ever met. When I’m not at the clinic I’m hanging out with my wee one and my house full of geriatric animals.



I was born in Portland and raised not far from Two Rivers. When I was five years old, my family fostered a dog who delivered seven puppies the night we took her in. One of the puppies, Cocoa, was a part of our family for 17 years. That experience was the beginning of my close bond with animals.

I began as a Zoology major at Oregon State University, but ultimately decided on working with companion animals instead, and graduated from the PCC Vet Tech program. After working in the veterinary field for 13 years, I took time away to raise my 2 kids. In April, 2019, I began the next chapter of my life by joining the incredible Two Rivers team.

My family and I currently share our home with two champion lap-warmer senior kitty siblings, who we’ve had since they were babies. Our sweet girl, Ella, has epilepsy, and her tuxedo brother, Domino, has only one eye.

Outside of the clinic, besides spending time with family and friends, I enjoy photography, arts and crafts, card making, reading, and taking walks around my neighborhood.