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Is it Time to Start Worrying About Heartworm?

The risk of heartworm disease is not one to take lightly. Heartworms can be life threatening and dangerous to treat. Historically, heartworm disease in Portland has been uncommon, with more cases occurring in southern Oregon and other parts of the country. At this point, the actual risk of exposure to heartworm for a dog living […]

Upcoming Spring Vacations

Welcome to March! It’s hard to imagine, with recent memories of snow on the ground, that spring vacations are right around the corner. For those of you making plans for vacation, we recommend you consider in advance who will be caring for your pets while you’re away. If they will be staying at a boarding […]

February is National Pet Dental Health Month

Each year, National Dental Health Month is a good reason to discuss the importance of dental health in pets. We see our pets each and every day, but few of us regularly look at their teeth or would know how to evaluate for signs of dental disease. An oral exam by a veterinarian is part […]

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! A big welcome to 2019, Year of the Pig!We are so grateful that Jen Leber has continued this tradition of creating another Two Rivers Veterinary Clinic original artwork. We hope these little pigs bring you a bit of joy. Best Wishes to all of you, The staff of Two Rivers Veterinary […]

“Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Herbs, Oh My!”

Cats and dogs can develop digestive upset that is unpleasant for the pet and their caretaker. Colitis, gastroenteritis, inflammatory bowel disease, bloating, flatulence, and constipation can be common signs of gastrointestinal problems in pets. Luckily, many natural products can heal the intestinal lining, ease symptoms, and prevent symptoms from recurring when used in conjunction with […]

Fireworks Anxiety

The 4th of July holiday is quickly approaching and some of our pets may need a little extra help to get through the added stress of this time of year! If your pet usually needs some calming TLC, or a possible prescription, please help us to serve you by calling well ahead of time for […]

Parasites and Your Pet’s Health

  Fleas There are many ways which our pets are affected by fleas, but the biggest impact is on their comfort. Since fleas crawl around on the skin and feed on the blood of our animals, they create an itchy sensation. For animals that have flea allergies, a reaction to a protein in the saliva […]

Why Testing for Heartworm in Spring is a Good Idea

Why do we recommend testing for heartworm in the spring? Heartworm disease, although not currently common in Portland, is a deadly disease found in southern Oregon and other parts of the country that people are likely to travel to with their dogs. The adult heartworms that take up residence in the blood vessels of the […]

Information regarding Canine Influenza Virus

There is much concern about Canine Influenza and it’s expected arrival in Portland. We invite you to read more about this infectious disease at the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association website: The important things to know are: Practically speaking, if your dog stays at home and rarely contacts other dogs, its risk of contracting the [&hell...

Happy Chinese New Year!

A big welcome to 2018, the Year of the Dog! We’d like to extend our gratitude to Jen Van Sickle, who has created a beautiful new piece of original artwork for us each year, for the past 4 years. Best Wishes to all of you, The staff of Two Rivers Veterinary Clinic